Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of curricula does NITA develop?

Curricula on industrial training and assessment guidelines to assess skills.

Can one book trade test using result slip?


When are trade test certificates released?

6 Months after Test

What are the requirements for replacement of certificates?

KSHS 5000 for the new Certificates which started from 2011 and for the old certificate you get at 300 kshs.

How can one get employment in NITA?

Through advertisements and daily newspapers.and also they are posted at the NITA website

How are casuals recruited in NITA?

The human resource gives the category of the employees they want and number to the government employment bureau since they have a data bank where people do apply and then send the selected to NITA for interviews and pick the qualified ones.

Is sponsorship for training of staff done through NITA or Ministry of LSSS?

Yes, that is the staff submit their names to their head of sections and then the selected committee selects those fit for the sponsorship.

What is the process of attachment

Students can apply through ITAP, they should be verified by their institutions.

How long does it take one to be attached?

One week

When are reimbursement grants paid?

After Successful Completion of Attachment and employer submitting an assessment form.

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