Catholic Church Lauded for its Contribution to the Poor

The Catholic Church in Kenya deserves a pat on the back for its noble mission to give hope to the poorest in the society through education, Director of Industrial Training observes.
Speaking when he presided over the 28th graduation ceremony of the Chaminade Training Centre (CTC) in Mukuru kwa Njenga, Nairobi, Mr Stephen Ogenga, said the private sector and the church were critical partners in social transformation of the society.
The Centre, sponsored the Imani-Marianists of the Catholic Church, offers vocational training to youth drawn from the surrounding slums. The graduation ceremony was held on May 13, 2016.
“Allow me to extend appreciation to the Catholic Church –the sponsor of this institution—for its immense contribution to the welfare of the less fortunate in our society. The education sector in Kenya owes a lot to the Catholic Church, with the best learning institutions being run by this church,” Mr Ogenga said when he represented the Director General, Mr Paul Kosgei, as the chief guest.
 He took the opportunity to congratulate the graduands and their instructors for a job well done and expressed optimism that the skills they had acquired would go a long way in helping them make meaning contributions to the society and change their circumstances in life.
“The intervention by this Centre to give youth a chance to acquire skills and, therefore, prepare them to live meaningful lives is laudable,” Mr Ogenga said.
The mission of the Chaminade Training Centre is ‘to raise the lowly to high places through sustainable programs of vocational skills training and business support, human development and spiritual formation in and through a Christian identity’.
The Centre has been a partner of NITA as an examination centre for trade tests in courses    such as hairdressing and beauty, dressmaking, metal work, electrical installation, and tailoring.
Imani-Marianists also run two other programmes--Maria House (a centre for women) and the Job Creation Programme--which are all geared towards empowering the community.