NITA Holds First Ever Annual General Meeting of the NITA Staff Pension Scheme

NITA recently held its 1st Annual General Meeting for the National Industrial Training Authority Staff Pension Scheme on 31st July 2017 at NITA Athi River. 

The occasion was attended by the Vice Chair of the National Industrial Training Board Mr. Ernest Nadome, who also serves as the Chairman of the NITA Pension Scheme, Director General Mr. Paul Kosgei, who also serves as the Sponsor of the Scheme on behalf of the Authority and Mr. Hirji Shah who is a member of the National Industrial Training Board and an accredited Trustee of the scheme. Other Trustees of the Staff Pension scheme from within the NITA fraternity include Ms. Irine Ogamba, Ms. Phyllis Kiplagat, Ms. Mary Thangaru, and Mr. Julius Olayo who is the Pension Scheme Trust Secretary.

During the AGM the Fund Chairman Mr. Nadome was pleased to report on the solid performance that was achieved by the Fund and noted that it was evidence of the Trustee’s commitment to delivering consistent value to the Fund’s members. The Director General Mr. Kosgei who spoke as the Sponsor of the Fund, emphasized on the role the Fund plays in enhancing the welfare of its staff while also noting the immense growth and strong governance exhibited by the Pension Scheme. The Trust Secretary Mr. Olayo also noted the milestones that had been achieved in 2016 through the Scheme, while assuring members that all scheme activities would be monitored and held accountable through a governance manual which would be reviewed when appropriate in line with changes to the changing dynamic of the pension landscape..

The Funds’ service providers were represented by Enwealth Financial Services Limited and OKSAM Solutions who are the Scheme’s Administrators and Auditors alongside Old Mutual Investment Group Limited and Co-operative Bank of Kenya who are the Funds’ managers and custodians respectively were also present at the event. All the Funds service providers made presentations varying from the Pension Fund’s Audited Accounts, Investment Reports, Administration Reports and well as Custody Reports for the year ended 30th June 2016.

For the 1st AGM ever held by NITA, the event was lauded as a success by all who attended.