Ten members of staff have retired from the service of NITA. The ten retirees who have attained service milestones of 10, 20 and 30 years were honored on Thursday 31st August 2017 during the Staff Retirement Party which was held in Utalii Hotel. The ten officers who have achieved great employment milestone include Francis Gitaka, Grace Malo, Justus Mwilidza, William Kibiego, John Onyuna, Alice Nzau, Veronica Kebuka, Grace Mutabi, Zehphyline Musee and George Mwangi.
The Authority organized a farewell party for the officers in order to appreciate them for their contribution towards steering the Authority through the transition period. Speaking during the party, on behalf of the Director General Mr. Paul Kosgei, the Director of Human Resource and Administration Mr. Julius Olayo thanked the retirees for their exemplary services adding that retirement is momentous in everyone’s life that should be celebrated. The Director said that every employee from the longest serving to the newest recruit had a historical role to play in the life of the NITA. This contribution, he added, cannot be underrated because all the retirees were very good at encouraging initiative and cultivating teamwork which enabled the institution to realize its mission.
The Director added that, despite the fact that they were retiring from the service of the Authority, they could still embrace their skills in the new world of business, leisure and voluntary opportunities that are awaiting. Dozens of organizations could still embrace their valued talents and skills. He concluded by thanking the retirees for laying such a firm foundation in NITA that enabled the Authority to face the future with a lot of confidence.
The party would not have been complete without a cake cutting ceremony to officially celebrate the retirement of members of staff, a task that was ably handled by three of the ten retirees. From the NITA fraternity we wish the outgoing officers long-life, good health and happiness in their next phase of life.